Everday We Hustlin'

A month long hustle?! How's that gonna work?!

Aliens, man. Well, sorta... There will be four stages, of 2 to 5 stops, every week along with a final (normal) Hustle on the last Thursday in August. The first stage/stops will be announced at a pseudo-random time on August 1st via text message.

At each stop you'll find a card, like this one, somewhere with six digit number on it that'll you'll text to the number below. Then bam! You're checked-in! (You'll even get a response saying what place!)


We'll have weekly stage winners, a regular Hustle winner, and an overall winner. Like any other race, when you check-in you're given a place in the order you checked-in at. So if you're the third person to check-in at a stop, you got third place there! At the end of the stage we take all your places and add 'em up. Who ever has the lowest total, and checked-in to every stop, wins the stage*.

*Unless everyone misses the same stop we can drop that one and score it that way. If everyone misses a stop or two, but they're all different stops I'll just have to figure something out...

Who knows what the loot will be. Probably just bragging rights and all the beer you can drink. There will definitely be something for the person who comes in last, but completes all the stops however.

So how do I signup??

To signup text "racer Your Name" to 402.480.6016. (SAVE IT TO YOUR PHONE RIGHT NOW!) So if you send "racer Speed Racer" your name will show up on this very site as Speed Racer. Feel free to use your real name or a nickname. Your phone number will never be made public.

How Do I Get the Stops?

You'll be texted at a random time on the first day of each stage with 1 or more stops to hit, and on the first Saturday after that with additional stops:

Stage 1: August 1st to 7th
Stage 2: August 7th to the 14th (1 day overlap with previous week)
Stage 3: August 15th to the 21st
Stage 4: August 22nd to the 29th (1 extra day)

All stops must be checked-in within their respective Stage time frame specified above. (eg midnight on the 7th is the cutoff for all Stage 1 stops)

And checking-in??

Once you've found a card, text ONLY the six digit number in to 402.480.6016 and you'll receive a response confirming your check-in.

Have a question? Text me at 402.522.6653, or @LNKHustle

Kick names and take ass!!